About Us

Write The Vision...Believe in Yourself...Achieve the Vision!

Bella Fashion Accessories was founded March of 2018. Since becoming an independent business owner with Paparazzi Accessories, I have experienced limitless growth potential, empowerment from other consultants, and the ability to utilize my talents and skills in fashion, color coordination, and accessorizing. Also, meeting amazing people and embracing the opportunity to foster the development of potential consultants, along with having lots of fun!

Paparazzi Accessories is an amazing company that offers all that is needed to create and manage a successful business. I will continue to invest in this wonderful opportunity and assist my customers with taking their fashion and accessorizing skills to the next level! When you enjoy what you do, it’s never considered work!

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*Email us @: bellafashionaccessoriesllc@gmail.com

*Message us @: m.me/bellafashionaccessoriesllc

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